Nikola’s offers

Classical Guitar

Nikola Kolev - Classical Guitar

He has a classic guitar performance of both well-known classical and modern melodies. It is made for quiet restaurants and cafés, wineries, lobby-bars and musical accompaniment of weddings when the guests are welcomed, and musical accompaniment should be heard more like a background without interfering with guests enjoying their company and the setting of the venue.


Entertainer of holidays and corporate events

Nikola Kolev - Entertainer of holidays and corporations

When you need an entertainer, who has to perform as an actor, dancer and singer, or just to entertain you...



Nikola Kolev - Troubadour

Performance appropriate for any kind of bar, pub and rock-café, where the clients are coming for a drink, to enjoy and even to sing their beloved pop and rock songs together with the troubadour and his guitar - mode Western.


Romantic Troubadour

Nikola Kolev - Romantic Troubadour

At this program the Troubadour performs international Pop repertoire, to the accompaniment of classic guitar sounds, which gives you warmth and cosy sense, without involving audience around.


Duet with a female singer

Nikola Kolev - Duet with a female singer

The duet is presenting for Bossa-Nova style performances and Latin American rhythms song sung with the lovely, tender voice of Iveta Kadakas under the musical accompaniment of Nikolas classical guitar.


Piano-Bar duet

Nikola Kolev - Piano-Bar duet

Nikola always makes such a duet with a professional pianist, who he invites, especially for the case. And because the piano is the universal instrument, which can be used for every musical style the repertoire could be chosen by the client.


Middle Ages musician/ Bard

Nikola Kolev - Middle Ages musician/ Bard

This performance is exceptionally intriguing. In it Nikola is dressed up in a modern 16th century costume, singing and playing on "Contra Guitar". This instrument is almost a hundred years old and his deep sound can bring you back to the old ages. These performances are prepared and appropriate for an Old and Middle Age style of restaurants.


Nikola Kolev band

Nikola Kolev - Band

In his music band there are young and talented musicians from all over Estonia. They help him to create enjoyable atmosphere, when they have to perform on a big stage, for example – Music festivals; City holidays or big corporate parties at bars for dancing music, in restaurants with a special mission and, of course, weddings!


Pop and Jazz vocal Lessons

Nikola Kolev - Pop and Jazz vocal Lessons

Nikola is a master of Pop and Jazz vocal singing. He has a master level degree of Pop and Jazz pedagogy. He obtained a diploma from the Government Musical Academy named “Pancho Vladigerov”, Bulgaria. He has a huge and various experiences in musical stage impersonation and you can read it in section “Biography”. There you will be convinced that he has the best knowledge and can teach you, even if you are a start-up or a professional musician. Nikola has a fully equipped professional sound-recording studio. There you can reveal your talents and record your results...