Nikola was born in 1977 in the city of Burgos, Bulgaria.
Third generation singer in his family, his first touch with music started when he was 6 years old then he started playing the violin.

Nikola Kolev (violin)

His debut on stage was at the age of 9, in Burgos' SMK Theater, where he played in the musical "Kose Bose", directed by Hristo Simeonov.

In 1991, Nikola began studying ballroom dancing at Ilya Mihov Dancing School (Burgas) and continued for 5 years until he moved to the capital, Sofia.
At the age of 15 he starts to take guitar lessons from Stoyan Marinov, classical guitar teacher at the National School of Music and Performing Arts "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” (Burgas). He has some home schooled education in harmonica playing as well.

Nikola Kolev (fashion model)

In 1994, Nikola starts performing as a fashion model and a host for various fashion events.
In 1995, he wins his first singing contest, and later that same year records his first song at Hot Send Studio (Burgos), directed by Stefan Diomov. That same year he signs a two-year recording contract with the studio, as well as a contract for performing at both the studio and the stage of Amphitheatre Concert Hall (Burgas), also conducted and managed by Stefan Diomov.

In 1996, he began studying jazz and pop singing at Bulgarian National Music Academy “Pancho Vladigerov”, with vocal teacher Alice Bovaryan, as well as taking lessons in acting at the class of Andrei Avramov. He also continues his dancing education by studying jazz dancing at the class of Froska Seizoff and Rado Radev.

In 1997, he signs a contract for voice/singing dubbing in Bulgarian and Russian languages with Alexandra Audio Video. The contract was continued for 7 years and more than 50 movies, including Ferngully I & II, The Princess Swan I & II, The Magic Sword, Lillo and Stich I & II, Thumbelina and many more.

Nikola Kolev (musical "The Jungle Low")

That same year he starts performing solo as a troubadour/bard.
His debut as a composer is at the summer of 1997 in National Song Contest “Burgas And The Sea”. At the end of the year, he acts in the musical “The Jungle Low”, conducted by Andrey Avramov.

Nikola Kolev (Momcheshki Svjat)

1998 is the year in which the legendary Bulgarian boy band Boys' World (Momcheshki Svjat) is formed. That same year they win the Bulgarian Journalists' music award in the International Singing Contest “Golden Orpheus”, where they meet Filip Kirkorov and he offers them to become his warm-up band for the next year tour of the star in Russia. For the next 6 years, the band Boys' World releases 2 music albums, more than 8 videos and has many concerts in Bulgaria and Russia.


Nikola Kolev (Latino cabaret Salvador Dali)

In 1999 Boys' World start performing as a warm-up band for the Bulgarian pop legend Lili Ivanova.

In 2000, Nikola signs a contract with Walt Disney Company and becomes a national voice of Mickey Mouse for Bulgaria.
That same year he starts performing in Bulgaria’s leading Latino cabaret “Salvador Dali” for the next 4 years.
In 2002, he started to make recitals, concerts and recording with the Big Band of the Bulgarian National Radio, conducted by Maestro Janko Miladinov.

In 2004, Nikola leaves Bulgaria with the just formed show band Formula 6 and starts performing for ship companies such as Color Line, Viking Line, and Tallink-Silja Line for the next 10 years. The band is still performing by the name of Jukebox Band.
In 2010, he starts performing in cabaret and show programs for Show Agency Galaxy in Estonia and on Tallink-Silja ships.

Nikola Kolev (Latino cabaret Salvador Dali)

Since 2017 Nikola has started actively to work for advertising and movie industry. In 2018 he established his own sound-recording studio in Tallinn and begun to teach students of Pop and Jazz vocal singing and simultaneously he has worked over his new independently and authors musical projects and recorded them...