Nikola Kolev

Nikola Kolev is an artist on the highest level of education who has huge and highly varied experience in fields of music arts and stage impersonation, etc…

An amazing singer and actor, who plays the guitar and presents activities, it performs as a troubadour or bard, in duets, combos and big band bands, as well as in shows and cabarets. In all these roles in musical performances, he was playing on the stages in a variety of locations - ranging from land and grand cruise ships to small restaurants and cafés. He is a poet and composer, master of jazz and pop-music and an amazing vocal teacher.

If you want or need to touch these wonderful master classes of vocal training or any kind of music performances, please, do not hesitate to contact with us.

You will be pleased with our services and suggestions. Our lessons will be pleasure for you and will bring you steps ahead to the world stages.

Nikola is a native artist. His contact with the audience is always genuine, alive and natural. Whether, he expresses his abilities – in a small pub or bar, or a concert hall; single-handed or as a member of cabaret or music ensemble; or as a showman in different programs… His performance will inspire you and never leave you indifferent.

You can see and hear his records here or on his channel in YouTube. And if you want you can follow him in the social nets and go to his concerts, to have pleasure from his live performances.

Nikola Kolev Nikola Kolev Nikola Kolev